#12: Allura Lore & Role-Play



Realm of Allura’s Lore and Role-Play is now LIVE! That’s right folks, what many of you have been waiting for has finally arrived! I know many of you will be itching to get dug into it, so here is a quick breakdown of what’s going on here. So, if you want to get stuck into the Forum RP experience, you are going to need at least a character profile. Head over there and use the template to get started. We’re trying to be flexible about what we allow, so feel free to get creative, but do consider everyone else. If you don’t like a certain part of someone’s lore (including NPC lore) you can simply claim ignorance and simply not interact. When you’ve decided you want to submit a character, you will need approval from @Claire88c, @ironly or myself to get started within episodes, as explained in Introduction to Role-Play.

Lore is for anybody who wants to make a faction on the server or write a bit of backstory. You don’t need a character profile for this, in the same way that you don’t need a faction or lore to partake in episodes. A template for factions exists here as well, along with a quick guide onto how to format it to be like the rest. You will also notice a collection of NPC lore, which helps tie together what the Realm of Allura is and who exists within its worlds.

Then we get to the episodes themselves, which is where the forum role-play actually takes place. Many of you, who are familiar with the RP from our previous community, will know it was all on one big forum chain. NOT ANY MORE! Each encounter will be broken into episodes, unbound by location or time. These will be read only to anyone who isn’t an ‘approved’ Role-Player, which is now a hidden group on the forum, hence why you need a profile. If you have a character profile and wondering why you haven’t been offered membership to this group please be free to give one of the members of staff a nudge to find out why, or be pointed in the right direction.

Episodes allow us to more easily keep track of what is going on in an event as well as allowing you to partake in multiple episodes at the same time, assuming that they are not happening at the same time from an in character perspective. This allows you to do historic role-play as well, perhaps an event from your childhood, or the formation of an important alliance? The options are greatly expanded for your role-play pleasure. Finally, we have discussion, which serves as the out of character section for the role-play group exclusively. If you want to organise something between players for an episode, work out a disagreement or bring something to a role-play leader’s attention, you do it here. This area is strictly for all things RP and not just general discussion; take that to off-topic. More is to come, including a general Q&A for many of the more general questions, but for now, it is up, it is running and you can all get started.

Thank you for your patience.


Sounds marvelous!


How most efficient of you. Congratulations to you and your team @Siilvarra!


[quote=“Siilvarra, post:1, topic:596”]You will also notice a collection of NPC lore, which helps tie together what the Realm of Allura is and who exists within its worlds.[/quote]Our worlds, thank you very much.


Thanks Vance!


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