#11: Community Mall



The Community Mall is now officially open! Players can access the mall by use of the /warp command, where players can then simply click on ‘Community Mall’, which is displayed as a chest. Within the mall players can rent out shop space to present their chest shops in a high traffic communal area. Each player is only able to rent out one shop space, but the shop spaces available vary according to a player’s rank. The larger shop spaces are only available to those players who have donated for the Mythic rank donation package, whereas the simple market stalls are available to all players, for instance. The rental fee, priced in diamonds, also varies depending on the size of the shop space a player rents. We have color coded the various styles of shops to match the color prefix of the minimum rank required to rent out a shop, to make it easier for players to see what their options are.

Member: 1 diamond per month
Expert: 2 diamond per month
Master: 3 diamond per month
Legend: 6 diamond per month
Mythic: 9 diamond per month

To rent out a shop space players just need to right click on the sign displayed at the entrance of the area they are wanting, presuming that they have the correct amount of diamonds in their inventory. The sign will change from ‘Vacant’ to ‘Occupied’ meaning the space is then available to be modified by the new resident. When the lease of a shop is over the region will be wiped completely, meaning it is important for players to either empty their shop in time or extend the lease. Shops can be paid in advance for an additional 3 months, meaning players can have a lease of up to 4 months if the initial rent payment is included. Players will be warned when their lease is about to end 5 days prior to the expiry in form of a message upon login. Continued reminders will be sent to the player as the lease meets its closing.

Players can add additional players to their shop space by use of the /as addfriend <name> command. Please keep in mind that the rent cannot be split between players and it is the initial renter that is responsible for keeping up with the lease. Players also have the ability to end a lease prematurely, with use of the /as unrent <region> command. Players do not receive any compensation for lost rent. Players also have the option to teleport directly to their shop at will, by use of the /as tp <region> command, meaning quick access to restock shops.

Shop spaces are represented by a code that looks like this: N2-09. The first letter represents the direction, be it North, South, East or West. There are four wings within the mall, which point outwards to the four directions. The number after the first letter represents the floor, be it 0, 1, 2 or 3. 0 is for the market stalls on the ground floor, 1 is for the ‘regular’ stores on the ground floor, 2 is for the stores above floor 1 and 3 is for the stores above floor 2. The next two numbers represent the position of the store, from the leftmost point (of each wing) labelled clockwise, ranging from from 01 to 11. Some stores are seemingly labelled with missing numbers, but this is because each archway is considered a number, in a way not that much dissimilar to a commercial building that carries an address of multiple numbers. Elevators can be used to access the higher floors.


Here’s a picture: http://imgur.com/a/Y1bE7 Here is a thread to provide a brief overview of your shops what it sells and where it is: ROA Shops


Why the leasing?


leasing allows us to help keep an eye on who is active and who isn’t. While the space is quite large, it means that we don’t get masses of empty shops without anything to sell, because the player hasn’t logged on and restocked them.


Congrats to all of Team At-- err, Team Allura for all your hard work and skill in yet another awesome community release!

I’ll get started on my “World o’ Melon” shop… just as soon as I’m done with every other project before it :rofl: