#10: Support Your Server!



It’s almost been a month since public opening now and I must say the continued support of the community has been incredible. We are all really happy that you are content with your new home and we will continue to work our utmost to make it as comfortable for you all. To anyone who is new to the community please do not be afraid to introduce yourselves on our forums/discord. I know I’m bias, but our community is rather wonderful.

This announcement is mainly regarding supporting your server via voting. Voting is a very simple way to show your support to your server that is completely free and only takes 5-10 minutes of your time a day. It may not seem like it helps much, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Voting boosts our ranking on the TopSites we are listed on meaning more publicity for more players. The more players we gain means the more donations we bring in, meaning a longer lifespan of our server as a whole. The staff team has big plans for this server, and although our first priority is to keep the community happy, we do want to expand and we don’t want to die out of loss of funding.

Anyways, from now on the player with the most votes at the end of each month will be classified ‘Voter of the Month’ with a free rank upgrade as a reward. So this means if you’re a Member you get promoted to Expert. If you’re a Legend you get promoted to Mythic. If you’re a Mythic you have a choice of one of the the upgrade tier packages to be applied to your account. Alternatively you could gift this free rank upgrade to any account of your choice, be it an alternate account of yours, a friend, whatever.

To make voting a little bit easier you will now find the links to all voting sites on the right sidebar of all updates on the website. I couldn’t yet figure out a way to implement the voting sites list into the footer without it looking ugly, so hopefully this is a fair compromise to you guys so you can vote without needing to be in-game. Please note that by voting while not online in-game you do run a slight risk of not receiving your vote tokens however.

Wall of Donors has been scrapped in favor of the new Wall of Supporters, which includes Donors, Voters of the Month and Staff Supporters. In case you weren’t aware Donors are those who purchase donation packages within our server shop and Staff Supporters are those who make a donation to the staff directly (via a special package in the server shop), with full knowledge that their money will not be used for the development or maintenance of the server. Without you guys, this server simply wouldn’t be possible.

For those fans of Time Vote you will be happy to know that we now also have Weather Vote. The plugin works exactly the same way as Time Vote, except you can vote for Sunny weather or Rainy weather. Those with the Mythic rank (and above) are the only players able to bring this vote up, but anyone can vote towards the decision. No more pesky rain…

SkyBlock shops were previously only accessible by visiting them physically at SkyBlock spawn. For those with the Heroic rank and above this is no longer the case. By simply typing /shop you can pull up a GUI shop without ever needing to leave your island. Talk about express delivery!