#1: Private Beta



Realm of Allura is currently in a stage of private beta, meaning that only those on our white-list are able to participate within the server itself for the time being. To be considered for white-listing please join our Discord and make a request in the #whitelist-request channel. On acceptance you will be able to join the server at the IP address of mc.realmofallura.com.

Within the server you will have access to basic permissions and the following ‘realms’:
Survival: Complete with a showcase of example custom biomes.
Sky: Complete with achievement-ridden ASkyBlock islands.
Plot: Complete with claimable land modifiable by the creative gamemode.

As a ‘Tester’, which is the temporary rank you will have, your responsibility will to be to look for errors and exploits. You are actually encouraged to attempt to break the server. We want you to push it to its limits, create lag, manipulate uncommon situations and investigate loopholes within plugins. As long as you report your findings this will be massively useful to us.

One important thing to note is that the Survival and Sky realms will be reset before we open for public release. This means you will lose all your building work and inventory, so please do not get attached. We have no plans to reset the Plot realm, but if necessary we may need to.

We hope you enjoy what we have created so far!


What’s the link at the very top? The server’s domain?


Indeed. Working on it currently, but be free to check it out. :slight_smile:


It looks great! I love how you used old WoA renders next to staffs names. Way to show off :wink:


Smexy. I just looked at it, and appearantly these comments are on that website.

That being said:

Hello New Website!




That looks lovely Jon <3