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[RP Character] High King Gerardus Lancaster II (1)
[RP Character] Prince Samuell Lancaster (2)
[RP Character] Lord Az-Zhal-Ghun (2)
[RP Character] Garias the Pallid (1)
[RP Character] Gaius Cornelius Caesar (1)
[RP Profile] Sigismund the Hound (2)
[RP Character] Claire (The Goddess) (1)
[RP Character Sheet] KAVEH Characters (6)
[RP Character] Sigismund Myrzikh's Origins (1)
[RP Profile] Valentina Arloven (1)
[RP Character] Vadim Moroztsev (1)
D e f u n c t (4)
[RP Character] Mordikai Reeves (1)
[RP Character] Adrian Vasten (1)
[DEFUNCT] [RP Character] Garias Menethiel II (4)
[RP Character] [DEAD] Georgar Shocklord (14)
RP Profile - Aënaen (Deceased) (2)
[RP Character] Muzwall Frostwither (2)
[RP Character] Eztlixochitl, the Blood Flower (4)
[RP Character] King Muzwall Frostwither (DEAD) (16)
[RP CHARACTER] Rowan Denaver (4)
[RP Character] The Wayfarer (12)
[RP Character] Friedrich von Steinfried (2)
[RP Character] Davos Crowport (9)
[DEFUNCT] Angaldis Malgedein, the Executioner of Fargorge (5)
[RP Character] Spencer Xeroff (8)
[DEFUNCT] Garias Cliff (8)
[RP Character] Camriann Annor (4)
[RP Character] Sylvic Helveg, The Stormcaller (3)