Episodes This is where role-players can interact with other players on an individual episode (or incident) basis. The purpose of different episodes is to allow players to interact with multiple players simultaneously.
Lore This is where you can create your own topic(s) for your role-play related lore; be it a faction, realm, settlement, race or whatever you think is necessary to add context to your role-play experience.
Profiles This is where players can present their in-game character profiles.

TEMPLATE: [RP Profile] [Role-Play] (4)
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[RP Episode] The First War [Episodes] (4)
[RP Episode] Deadly Depths [Episodes] (15)
[RP Faction] Brotherhood of the Yellow Cloak ( 2 ) [Lore] (24)
[Tier III RP Faction] The Ebongraspian Empire ( 2 ) [Lore] (30)
[Tier II RP Subfaction] Aldrain [Lore] (4)
[Tier I][RP Subfaction] The Imperial March of Dakar'Shaw [Lore] (3)
[Tier III RP Faction] Kleriel Imperium ( 2 3 4 ) [Lore] (64)
[RP Episode] The March of Empire [Episodes] (3)
[RP Character] King Muzwall Frostwither (DEAD) [Profiles] (16)
[Example Faction] The Empyrean Kingdom [Lore] (3)
[Example Faction] Axcom Industries [Lore] (1)
[RP Episode] A meet of figureheads ( 2 3 4 ) [Episodes] (77)
[RP Faction] Kingdom of Ayrith [Lore] (13)
[RP CHARACTER] Rowan Denaver [Profiles] (4)
[RP Faction] Northern Realm ( 2 ) [Lore] (27)
[ Tier II] [RP FACTION] Grimguard [Lore] (10)
[RP Character] The Wayfarer [Profiles] (12)
[RP Episode] The End of an Alliance [Episodes] (2)
[RP Character] Friedrich von Steinfried [Profiles] (2)
[RP Faction] Charkov [Lore] (9)
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[RP Character] Garias Menethiel II [Profiles] (5)
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